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I was shot in the head as a child. It took 20 years, and other survivors, to heal

Philadelphia Inquirer
11 Jan 2022
Once I began interviewing other survivors of gun violence, hearing their stories and how they had processed their trauma, I began to process mine.
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How Gun Policy Is Scrambling to Keep Up With Gun Culture

The Marshall Project
11 Jan 2022
Oronde McClain was shot in the head at age 10 in Philadelphia while running an errand for his mother. “Over the years, I saw no future for myself,” McClain writes in the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I wished I hadn’t survived the shooting, and tried to take my own life more than a dozen times.” He channeled those feelings of anger and resentment into a documentary on survivors of gun violence, who often receive much less attention than those who are murdered.
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They Don’t Care About Us or Do They?

11 Jan 2022
This documentary was produced by gunshot survivor Oronde McClain while participating as a community reporter in the Credible Messenger Reporting Project at the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting. The professional reporting parter was Cheeri Gregg and the video producer wad Brett Williams. Above: Semaj Obranty and Oronde McClain pose for a photo. They were both shot in the head at age 10. For more info, please visit
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