Meet Oronde, a Philadelphia native who devoted his life to optimizing the quality of life for the mentally disabled and victims of gun violence.

Working to decrease Philadelphia’s violence and help people in need.

Oronde's Story

April 3, 2000, I knew I was not an ordinary child anymore. I got shot in the back of the head near my Mt. Airy home.

Orando's spearheaded peaceful protests and hosted events to give back to our community. Orando's focus is to tell his story and share the effects of gun violence on young children and their struggles, just like he has experienced them.

A word from Orando:
I was in a coma for a month, wheelchair for two years. I faced challenges in my life. I have learned to overcome many obstacles.

I earned my college degree, I am a motivational speaker, an author, and a full-time father of 5, a loving, supportive husband with a non-profit organization, and a full-time job with the government telling you the violence needs to stop.

Although I am a survivor and have a great story to share, my city does not always have great stories. I come before you with a call-to-action .I am the founder of The McClain Foundation; However, we believe our efforts would go even further with your support. Hence, I request you to donate to The Oronde McClain Foundation.

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by Oronde McClain (Author), Teresa Schaeffer (Contributor)

PTSD Won't Define Me

Written by gun-violence survivor, psych tech and life-changing activist, Oronde McClain, "PTSD Won't Define" me dives into the struggle of post-traumatic stress disorder, how it has affected his life, his struggle to overcome as well as the many coping skills he acquired and used to begin living a life that he now dedicates to changing the lives of others. Through this book, McClain will share his various coping skills as well as his story with the ultimate goal of helping individuals who also struggle with PTSD and other traumas.